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    Keep pace with innovation,

    and shape the future of

    your institution

    Revolutionizing The Core Of Education

    It’s the Time to Execute Solutions Driven By Innovations Dhondi academics harnesses the power of AI-driven systems/software, focused on streamlining tasks of today's complex education systems. Our solutions are equipped with modern technologies that boost productivity, performance and encourage paperless administration involved in the day-to-day activities.

    Academic Features

    Handle Class work

    Access class work, anytime, anywhere

    Student enrollment

    Student enrollment turned easier and faster

    Daily Activities

    Get a quick insight into student’s activities

    Maintain Attendance

    Error-less attendance in one go

    Improve interactions

    Connecting students and faculty members better than before

    Class Notes

    Maintain class notes in real-time, effortlessly

    Calendar Scheduling

    Using AI-powered software, schedule your classes online


    Send reminders to students on one tap.

    Faculty Allotment

    Allot tasks in no time while putting all the confusions aside

    Why Dhondi?

  • Dhondi via its Marketplace module to bring students and institution to one platform carryout their sale and purchase.
  • Dhondi via its AI-based software sort out the issues, making institutions handling pretty-much easier
  • AI-based software powered by dhondi are focused around solving institutional challenges.
  • Dhondi academics with its robust support-network ease out the entire process for you
  • From fee payments, students handling, to faculty management, delivers a 360-degree upgrade to your institution
  • Get your students exposed to fastest, accurate and flexible study modules in no time
  • Unified system with automated workflows and marketplace

    Our team will explain all product details to automate your workflows and setup your marketplace.

    Our product suite


    Plan and Manage schedules, classes, performance and Many More.


    List your fees, services and products like stationary for students on our platform

    Exam processing

    Simplify and accelerate pre and post examination.

    Helping institution of every size


    10,00,000+ students Bulk processing Multilevel operations & Stats


    Conduct class base exams Student and Parent Profiles Instant Fee Payments

    Coaching Institutions

    Payments & Invoices Duration base courses Performance reports


    Ease in conducting exams Timely activities Proper finance management
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