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    Supercharge the fee

    payments for educational


    Handling end-to-end fee payments online and offline

    Dhondi fee payment module automates the fee collection process in a well structured and organized pattern. Our solution is secure and robust and provides a hassle-free payment experience.

    Fee Payment Features

    Zero transaction fee

    Students are charged with transaction charges starting from zero

    Virtual card for easy transactions

    with the help of virtual card, students can complete transactions with ease

    Offline Payment using QR

    Get the cash submitted at fee counter by just showing the QR

    Automated receipts

    Eliminating the manual intervention by sending the automated receipts on payment confirmation through SMS/E-mail

    Due date alerts

    Get notified with payment reminder in hustle

    100+ Payment modes

    Get all the transaction success rate with multiple payment methods available

    Rewards on transaction

    Get rewards points to redeem valuable products with each transaction

    Discount Offers

    Get discount coupons on fee payments from banks and partners

    Finance Dashboard

    Get all the financial transactions and ledgers in one place

    Custom Payment Requests

    Generate custom made payment requests based on the requirements

    Why Dhondi?

  • Dhondi via its AI-based software sort out the issues, making institutions handling pretty-much easier
  • AI-based software powered by dhondi are focused around solving institutional challenges.
  • Dhondi academics with its robust support-network ease out the entire process for you
  • From fee payments, students handling, to faculty management, delivers a 360-degree upgrade to your institution
  • Get your students exposed to fastest, accurate and flexible study modules in no time
  • Unified system with automated workflows

    Our team will explain all product details to automate your workflows.

    Our product suite


    Plan and Manage schedules, classes, performance and Many More.


    Accept offine and online payments from students in one click and easy settlements.

    Exam processing

    Simplify and accelerate pre and post examination.

    Helping institution of every size


    10,00,000+ students Bulk processing Multilevel operations & Stats


    Conduct class base exams Student and Parent Profiles Instant Fee Payments

    Coaching Institutions

    Payments & Invoices Duration base courses Performance reports


    Ease in conducting exams Timely activities Proper finance management
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