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    Ease the processes of

    conducting examinations

    Simplify your institution examinations

    Dhondi's examination module eliminates the manual processes involved in pre-examination and post-examination tasks. Our automation with the Dhondi examination module is highly efficient and reliable to get error-free results.

    Examination Module Features

    Customized Assessments

    Faculty can add customised exams which helps them to understand better about the students' performance.

    Integrated report generation

    Grading and promotions

    Assigning grades and promoting students according to the boards & regulations can be done easily

    Post Exam Evaluation

    An easy process to generate the results starting from evaluators entering marks to printing report card.

    Online Examinations

    Conducting exams online and evaluation of results online.

    Report analysis

    Memo & Certificate generation

    All the certificates are automatically generated on the basis of the templates

    Grievance management

    Why Dhondi?

  • Dhondi via its AI-based software sort out the issues, making institutions handling pretty-much easier
  • AI-based software powered by dhondi are focused around solving institutional challenges.
  • Dhondi academics with its robust support-network ease out the entire process for you
  • From fee payments, students handling, to faculty management, delivers a 360-degree upgrade to your institution
  • Get your students exposed to fastest, accurate and flexible study modules in no time
  • Unified system with automated workflows

    Our team will explain all product details to automate your workflows.

    Our product suite


    Plan and Manage schedules, classes, performance and Many More.


    Accept offine and online payments from students in one click and easy settlements.

    Exam processing

    Simplify and accelerate pre and post examination.

    Helping institution of every size


    10,00,000+ students Bulk processing Multilevel operations & Stats


    Conduct class base exams Student and Parent Profiles Instant Fee Payments

    Coaching Institutions

    Payments & Invoices Duration base courses Performance reports


    Ease in conducting exams Timely activities Proper finance management
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